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Chairman Speech


The words from Chairman:

Dear Friends,

When you are surfing in our website, we are honestly to thank you for the interesting to our company. Time flying, World Changing. Now we are all enjoying the new century, globalization, informatization. We Shanghai Kaiquan Pump(Group) Co., Ltd was growing fast to be No.1 pump company in China, which is from great contribution of our whole staffs, we are working hard, we are fighting with impossible mission, we are always keeping the spirit up. I always believe that the customers and our Enterprises are existing harmony phenomenon, and I do appreciate the wisdom words of "Enterprise is a social instrument".

We Shanghai Kaiquan Pump(Group) Co., Ltd follow the principle of "Reward our country by Sustainable Pump Industry", and we are not only doing business, meanwhile, we are also responsible for the society developments and coordination.

We Shanghai Kaiquan Pump(Group) Co., Ltd also follow the principle of "Sincere, honest , humanity", and respect the future. We are rowing hardly in torrent, breaking the difficulties and forwarding with pain with smile and confidence, and to build the wonderful future for elements of the enterprise, in the society by innovation for the logical, management, technology, marketing and service.

This is a great dynasty, we make progress all the time.

We Shanghai Kaiquan, work with nature organic combination of the people, pump, and water, and also work hard to reward our country in the pump industry and to resume our great Chinese Nation.

At the end, we warmly welcome your visit to our headquarter. Let's develop the new world!!!


Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co., Ltd.

Chairman and President Lin Kaiwen