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KQDP/KQDQ Booster Pump

Suitable Applications:

Model KQDP/KQDQ are multi-stage vertical booster pumps. Energy saving, environmental protection, safe and reliable is its main advantages. It can transfer different types liquid, and it can be used in water supply, industrial pressurization, industrial liquid transportation, air conditioning circulation, irrigation, etc. KQDP can be used in non-corrosive liquid situations, KQDQ can be used in weak corrosive liquid situations.

Working Parameters:

  • Flow: 0.5-108m3/h
  • Head: 5-263m
  • Liquid Temperature: -20 ~70℃, 70-120℃
  • Ambient temperature typically: ≤40℃
  • Rotating speed: 2980 r/min
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    KQDP(Q) Series Booster Pump

    Advantages of KQDP/KQDQ

    Energy saving and high efficiency

    Efficiency can reach MEI≥0.7


    Safe and reliable

    With the same flow and head, height is shorter, vibration is lower, noise is lower.



    Use the most advanced welding technology, KQDP/KQDQ has strong corrosion resistance, high efficiency. The efficiency can be higher 5%-10% than casting pumps.


    High efficiency motor

    Fully enclosed fan-cooled squirrel cage high-efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor, its efficiency is higher 2%-10% than normal motor.



    GB/T 5657-2013

    CE standard

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