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KQGV Water Supplier Equipment (Booster Pump)

Suitable Applications:

It is mainly used in high-rise buildings, community, house, hospitals, schools, airports, department stores, hotels, office buildings and so on.

Working Parameters:

  • Flow: 5-135 m3/h
  • Head: 20-140m
  • Ambient temperature typically: ≤40℃
  • Altitude: lower than 1000m.
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    KQGV Series Water Supplier Equipment

    Short Description:

    KQGV digital integrated frequency adjustable water supply equipment has many advantages. Such as safe water supply, reliable operation, water saving and sanitation, high efficiency and energy saving, intelligent monitoring control.

    Advantages of KQGV:

    High efficiency and energy saving

    ● Full frequency conversion technology

    ● Variable flow and pressure technology

    ● High efficiency motor

    ● Inlet diameter and outlet diameter expansion

    High quality

    ● Protection IP55 of control cabinet, frequency converter.

    ● Dual PLC active and standby redundant system, operating can be safer.

    ● German Rittal Design Standard.

    ● Corrosion resistant epoxy resin coating.


    Remote management platform, Kaiquan cloud platform. Real-time monitoring can be implemented. If KQGV has any problem, it can stop working immediately. It can prevent the equipment from broking.


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