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KXZ Series Slurry Pump

Suitable Applications:

With its outstanding abrasion resistance and high efficiency, KXZ series slurry pump is especially suitable for the transportation of strong abrasive slurry such as ore slurry and coal washing plant. It is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, electric power, building materials, chemical industry, water conservancy and other fields.

Working Parameters:

  • Flow rate: 16.7-3550 m3/h
  • Head: 11.5-98m
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    Kaiquan Slurry Pump


    1. Adopt the latest design theory and optimized design method of two-phase flow, apply CFD, CAE and other modern technology design, with excellent hydraulic performance and high efficiency.

    2. Special treatment is carried out on the easily worn sections such as the diaphragm, the impeller inlet, and the outer ring of the guard plate. The volute and the guard plate are designed with unequal thickness, and the easy-to-wear section is thickened, which significantly improves the life of the flow parts.

    3. The impeller inlet adopts an economical sealing inclination design, which enhances the sealing effect, reduces erosion and abrasion, and further improves the wear resistance.

    4. The impeller is designed with unique back blades, which can effectively reduce the backflow of the slurry, reduce the sealing pressure, and improve the pump efficiency.

    5. The rotor can be adjusted axially to ensure the gap of the impeller, so that the pump can run efficiently for a long time.

    6. Adopt auxiliary impeller and packing combination seal or mechanical seal to ensure no leakage of slag slurry.

    7. The pump outlet position can be installed and used at an interval of 45° and rotated at eight different angles according to needs.

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  • Structural Diagram of KXZ Series Slurry Pump

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    Spectrum Diagram and Description of  KXZ Series Slurry Pump

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