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350-700 ZLB,HLB Vertical Axial Flow Pump,Mixed Flow Pump

Suitable Applications:

Urban industrial and mining water supply and drainage, municipal engineering, sewage treatment

Circulating and upgrading water in steel, metallurgy, power plants, shipbuilding, water plants, etc.

Water conservancy projects and river governance.

Farmland irrigation, aquaculture, salt farms, etc.

Working Parameters:

  • Single pump flow: 0.2m3/s-3m3/s
  • Head: 2m-30m
  • Pump outlet diameter: 350mm-700mm.
  • Liquid: clean water, river water, wastewater, rainwater, sewage and other liquid materials with similar physical and chemical properties to water
  • Water inlet form: The horn water inlet is suitable for rectangular, polygonal, round, semicircular, snail-shaped, etc. into the pool
  • Water outlet form: ZLB, HB traditional type is 60° elbow water outlet, flange interface
  • 2(H)LB/X products without drive shaft are 60 elbows with water outlet, flange interface: 2(H)1B/1X product without drive shaft is 90 elbow water outlet, flange interface
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    Vertical Axial,Mixed Flow Pump 350-700ZLB ,HLB


    1. The entire series has a wide spectrum range, complete models and specifications, uniform and reasonable variety distribution, and can be found within the range

    2. Suitable products to meet various working conditions.

    3. The pump has excellent hydraulic performance and high efficiency.

    4. It is equipped with a general-purpose motor, which is economical, simple and convenient to maintain, and safe and reliable without the danger of water intrusion by the submersible motor

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