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Mincing Submersible Sewage Pump

Suitable Applications:

WQ/ES light mincing submersible sewage pump is mainly used in municipal engineering, building construction, industrial sewage and sewage treatment occasions to discharge sewage, waste water and rainwater containing solids and short fibers.

Working Parameters:

  • Flow: 10-320m3/h
  • Head: Up to 34m
  • Liquid Temperature: <40ºC
  • Liquid Density: ≤1 050 kg/m3
  • PH Value : 4~9
  • The liquid level should not be lower than the: “ ▽ ” symbol shown in the installation dimension diagram.
  • Pump can not be used for highly corrosive and large particle media.:
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    WQ/ES Series Mincing Submersible Sewage Pump

    Mincing Submersible Sewage Pump Advantages:

    1. Independent cutting module, good cutting function, not easy to block. As long as it can be entered from the suction port, it can be easily chopped. Transport mild waste water, septic tanks, hospital sewage and other media containing long and thin fibers. Large particles cannot be transported. The shredding function can prevent the pump and pipeline from being blocked by debris in the sewage. However, in order to better ensure the reliability of the pump operation, it is recommended to install a dirt blocking device in the environment outside the medium.

    2. The cutting module is made of stainless steel and has undergone heat treatment. The blade has sufficient hardness and can maintain a strong cutting ability for a long time. If the shredding capacity decreases for a long time, the cutting module can be replaced separately.

    3. Both the pump side and the motor side are equipped with mechanical seals to achieve reliable double submersible shaft seal protection for the motor. The oil in the oil chamber fully lubricates and cools the mechanical seal.


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  • Mincing Submersible Sewage Pump Structural Diagram


    Mincing Submersible Sewage Pump Spectrum Diagram and Description

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