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Submersible Sewage Pump(11-22Kw)

Suitable Applications:

It is mainly used for sewage treatment plant, municipal sewage lifting pump station, waterworks, water conservancy drainage and irrigation, water diversion project, integrated pump station, etc.

Working Parameters:

  • Flow: 40-1150m3/h
  • Up to 62m: Up to 62m
  • Liquid Temperature: <40ºC
  • Liquid Density: ≤1 050 kg/m3
  • PH Value: 4~10
  • The liquid level should not be lower than the: “ ▽ ” symbol shown in the installation dimension diagram
  • Pump can not use to handle the: liquid with strong corrosion or solid particies
  • The diameter of the solids in the liquid is not more than 80% of the minimum flow channel size of the pump: The firber length of liquid should smaller than pump discharge diameter
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    WQ (11-22kw) Series Submersible Sewage Pump

    WQ (11-22kW) Submersible Pump Advantages

    1.Innovative technology with unique overload-proof hydraulic design for sewage treatment pump


    2.Unique submersible water pump sealing design for guaranteed long-term reliable running of the electric submersible pump.

    Select the Burgmann brand mechanical seal,Pump side material is WC Vs WC can make the running life more longer.


    3.Mechanical seal self-cleaning technology.

    Two single seals are installed in series and special spiral groves or small gaps are adopted at the pump cover to prevent the desposit of soild contenets surrounding the mechanical seals and thereby guarantee their stable performane


    4.Short shaft extension.

    The short shaft extension features fortified strength and improved resistance against breakage


    5.Heavy-duty Bearing

    With design of heavy-duty bearigs,The minimum service life is 100,000hr for the bearings


    6.Reliability design of submersible motor

    The motor is of insulation grade H (applicable for 180ºC) improving reliability and the resistance of the winding to higher temperatures.



    7.Universal pump installation design

    The installation mode is diversified, including automatic coupling type installation. The submersible centrifugal pump and the outlet pipe are connected through the outlet pipe seat of the coupling device. No conventional fasteners are used.

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  • 11kW-22kW Submersible Pump Structural Diagram



    WQ(11-22kW) Submersible Pump Spectrum Diagram and Description



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