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2BEX Vacuum Pump

Suitable Applications:

This product is widely used in industrial sectors such as papermaking, cigarettes, pharmacy, sugar making, textile, food, metallurgy, mineral processing, mining, coal washing, fertilizer, oil refining, chemical industry, electric power and electronics. Used for vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum regaining, vacuum impregnation, vacuum drying, vacuum smelting, vacuum cleaning, vacuum handling, vacuum simulation, gas recovery, vacuum distillation and other processes, used to pump insoluble in water, not containing the gas of solid particles makes the pumped system form a vacuum. Because the gas suction is isothermal during the working process. There are no metal surfaces rubbing against each other in the pump, so it is very suitable for pumping gas that is easy to steam and explode or decompose when temperature rises.

Working Parameters:

  • Air volume range: 150-27000m3/h
  • Pressure range: 33hPa-1013hPa or 160hPa-1013hPa
  • Temperature range: Pumping gas temperature 0℃-80℃; Working fluid temperature 15℃ (range 0℃-60℃)
  • Allow transport medium: Does not contain solid particles, insoluble or slightly soluble gas in the working fluid
  • Speed: 210-1750r/min
  • Import and export path: 50-400mm
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    2BEX Vacuum Pump Advantages:

    1. Single-stage single-acting, axial intake and exhaust, simple structure, convenient maintenance. Large-caliber pump is also equipped with a horizontal exhaust port, which is convenient for users to use. Equipped with an automatic drain valve to control the starting liquid level of the pump to avoid overload starting.

    2. The end face of the impeller adopts a stepped design, which reduces the sensitivity of the pump to dust and water scaling in the medium. Large-size impeller. The structure of the impeller reinforcement ring is improved to prevent the retention of impurities and improve the impact of fouling on the pump.

    3. The use of a pump body structure with partitions can make one pump adapt to the use requirements of two different working conditions.


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  • 2BEX Vacuum Pump Structural Diagram

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    2BEX Vacuum Pump Spectrum Diagram and Description



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