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Submersible Sewage Pump(>30Kw)

Suitable Applications:

It is primarily used for municipal engineering, buildings, industrial discharges and sewage treatment to discharge sewage, waste water and rainwater containing solid matters and continuous fibers.


Working Parameters:

  • Flow: 120-12000m3/h
  • Head: Up to 86m
  • Liquid Temperature: <40ºC
  • Liquid Density: ≤1 050 kg/m3
  • PH Value: 4~10
  • The liquid level should not be lower than the: “ ▽ ” symbol shown in the installation dimension diagram
  • Pump can not use to handle the: liquid with strong corrosion or solid particies
  • The diameter of the solids in the liquid is not more than 80% of the minimum flow channel size of the pump: The firber length of liquid should smaller than pump discharge diameter
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    WQ (30kw+) Series Submersible Sewage Pump

    WQ(P ≥30kW) Submersible Pump Advantages and Features

    1.Intelligent submersible water pump, cloud remote monitoring

    Pump internal integrated vibration sensor, all-round monitoring of pump operation, and can be real-time data display through the intelligent control cabinet, alarm or stop automatic operation.At the same time, the remote monitoring operation and maintenance platform of Shanghai kaiquan intelligent cloud can be logged in for monitoring and operation and maintenance operation.


    2. Unique non-overload hydraulic design, innovative technology of electric submersible pump, innovative design concept of high-efficiency non-overload hydraulic model, as well as the capacity design of sewage pump.

    3.the original pump seal design, ensure the pump long-term reliable operation seal to ensure that the stator cavity does not water damage the motor.

    4.Excellent mechanical seal

    Imported borgmann mechanical seal is adopted, the pump head seal material is silicon carbide to tungsten carbide, providing the maximum wear resistance, and the design service life of the pump head seal is 15000 hours Mechanical seal self-cleaning technology.Two single-end mechanical seals are installed in series.

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  • WQ( P≥30kW) Description of series submersible pump



    WQ(30kW and above) Submersible Pump Spectrum Diagram and Description

    WQ11-22KW-Series-Submersible-Pump4 WQ11-22KW-Series-Submersible-Pump5

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