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KZJ Series Slurry Pump

Suitable Applications:

KZJ series products are widely used in metallurgy, steel mills, coal preparation, ore beneficiation, alumina and flue gas desulfurization projects and peripheral systems. It is mainly used to transport abrasive slurry containing solid particles, such as the feeding pump of the mine, the transportation of various concentrates, tailings, the removal of slag in power plants, the removal of slag in steel plants, the transportation of coal slime in coal preparation plants, heavy media, etc. . The weight concentration of slurry can reach 45% of mortar and 60% of ore slurry.

Working Parameters:

  • Flow rate: 9-2350 m3/h
  • Head: 12-112m
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    Kaiquan Slurry Pump


    1. Excellent hydraulic performance, high efficiency, low wear, spacious flow channel, anti-clogging and excellent anti-cavitation performance.

    2. It adopts three forms of auxiliary impeller + packing combined seal, mechanical seal and single packing seal, which are suitable for different working conditions.

    3. The research and development of a variety of materials can adapt to different working conditions, and the product has a higher cost performance.

    4. Large-capacity oil tank, thin oil bath lubrication, greatly prolongs the service life of the bearing

    5. Large bracket design, large shaft diameter design, good rigidity and stable operation.

    6. The unique rotor axial adjustment device makes the adjustment of the impeller on site more convenient.

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  • Structural Diagram of KZJ Series Slurry Pump


    Spectrum Diagram and Description of KZJ Series Slurry Pump



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