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Testing Ability


No.1 Pump Test Bed in Asia

Water capacity of 13000m3

Ability to test large pump diameter of 4.5 meters

Measured motor voltage 10 KV

Maximum power of 15000 KW

 To be the nation's largest pump test bed after the completion

Investment: USD 30 million

Completion time: in June 2013

On February 15, 2014 through the identification of test bench

For the model pump test, reached the world advanced level.

Comprehensive accuracy of 0.25%

Investment: USD 6 million

Completion time: May 2014


Thermal Shock Test Bed

Undertake all the secondary thermal shock, impurity test pump;

Investment: USD 4.5 million

Completion time: in July 2010

The Biggest Submersible Pump Testing bed in Asia

The Maximum Motor Testing Power 9,000 kW

The Maximum Testing Capacity 15m3/s

The Depth of Testing Pool 20 m


KQ Test Bed #19


KQ Test Bed #23

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