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  • 2BEX Vacuum Pump

    2BEX Vacuum Pump

    This product is widely used in industrial sectors such as papermaking, cigarettes, pharmacy, sugar making, textile, food, metallurgy, mineral processing, mining, coal washing, fertilizer, oil refining, chemical industry, electric power and electronics. Used for vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum regaining, vacuum impregnation, vacuum drying, vacuum smelting, vacuum cleaning, vacuum handling, vacuum simulation, gas recovery, vacuum distillation and other processes, used to pump insoluble in water, not containing the gas of solid particles makes the pumped system form a vacuum. Because the gas suction is isothermal during the working process. There are no metal surfaces rubbing against each other in the pump, so it is very suitable for pumping gas that is easy to steam and explode or decompose when temperature rises.

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