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Over 40 million yuan! Kaiquan won the bid for the third project of Chengdu Metro

Recently, Kaiquan Chengdu Branch has successively won the bids for three projects, respectively, the water supply, drainage and fire-fighting equipment bids for the second phase of Chengdu Rail Transit Line 8 and the third phase of Line 10, and the procurement of water supply, drainage and fire-fighting equipment for the Chengdu Rail Transit Ziyang Line project. (Complete unit) tender section, the first phase of Chengdu Rail Transit Line 27 project water supply, drainage and fire protection equipment procurement tender section, a total of three tender sections, four subway lines, the winning bid amount exceeds 40 million yuan.


Urban rail transit is an important support for building a powerful modern socialist country in an all-round way, a pioneer field for building a modern economic system, and an important part of building a strong transportation country and a smart city. Economic and social development is of great significance. As one of the domestic suppliers of rail transit pump products and equipment, Kaiquan has been actively deploying in this field and maintaining cutting-edge products and services.


According to Shao Yiwei, general manager of Kaiquan Chengdu Branch, Chengdu, as the "fourth city" of urban rail transit in China, has developed rapidly in recent years, and 36 lines have been planned for the long-term line network. The four lines that won the bid this time are another in-depth cooperation with Chengdu Metro after the successful operation of Kaiquan products on Metro Lines 5, 6, 9, and 11. During this period, after many twists and turns, hard work, and finally through layers of screening and competition, it stood out.


Empower water,empower future! Winning the bid for this project is Chengdu Metro's affirmation of Kaiquan in the domestic rail transit pump product field, and it also fully reflects that Kaiquan provides customers with integrated application solutions such as program consultation, R&D design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance management, and public services. program capabilities.


In the next stage, Kaiquan will further deepen the cooperation with Chengdu Metro, relying on professional experience, continue to deepen hydraulic research and innovative pump products, and continue to empower the development of China's urban rail transit business!


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Post time: Mar-25-2022

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