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“Carbon neutrality” out of the circle, the water pump industry has huge room for energy-saving

out of the circle, the water pump industry has huge room for energy-saving

From April 8-10, 2021, the “China Energy Conservation Forum on Water System Energy Efficiency Technology in Energy Conservation” was held in Shanghai, hosted by China Energy Conservation Association and organized by Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd.

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There are more than 600 representatives from government authorities, the secretariat and professional committees of the China Energy Conservation Association, provincial and municipal energy conservation associations, energy conservation association members, research institutes, and energy conservation companies attended this meeting.

Energy saving and emission reduction, pump industry could do a lot

Pumps hidden inside factories and buildings are neglected energy users, and many of them cause a lot of unnecessary waste. According to Chinese authorities, about 19%-23% of electrical energy is consumed by all kinds of pump products.  Simply replacing common pumps with high-efficiency pumps can save 4% of global energy consumption, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of one billion people.


news (3)Speech by Kevin Lin, Chairman and President of Kaiquan Pump

Kevin Lin, the Chairman and President of Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd.  said in his speech: “Pumps are electrically driven and energy consuming, the higher efficiency the more energy efficient and energy saving, but pump efficiency improvement is very difficult from the R&D point of view. We have invested a lot of R&D expenses in reliability and efficiency to improve the quality and efficiency of our products in the past few years. For example, double suction pump, if we want to improve the efficiency of one of the specification models of a product by 3 points, we need to make at least 150 plans and prefer a dozen of prototypes, and finally there may be one that is successful.”

These words point out the great difficulty of energy saving in the pump industry, especially in the context of China’s efforts to achieve carbon peak by 2030 and efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060.

Achieving the goal of carbon neutrality, the pump industry has great potential for energy saving

By improving the performance of the pump and widening the high-efficiency zone of the pump operation, and providing the best energy-saving equipment for fluid transportation that meets the characteristics of the pipeline on site, we can be one step closer to the goal of carbon neutrality. In order to achieve goal, Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd. has been working hard, through the “3+2” Rui-Control high-efficiency energy-saving technology, based on the Intelligent width high-efficiency pump and remote operation and maintenance intelligent platform, accurate testing, risk-free transformation, accurate testing, what is supplied is what is needed, accurate customization, individual matching.


news (4)Delegates visit Kaiquan Pump’s factory assembly plant

In addition, up to now, Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd. has made contribution to the total annual electricity saving of 1.115 billion kWh for the whole society through energy-saving technologies and energy-saving products, providing energy-saving technical transformation solutions for heating, iron and steel metallurgy, chemical industry, water supply plants, electric power and air-conditioning systems, etc.

Heating industry | Huaneng Lijingyuan heating secondary network circulating pump

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Project introduction: 1# circulating pump has an operating power of 29.3kW before the technical transformation. After the technical transformation of Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd, the operating power is 10.4kW, the annual electricity saving is 75,600 kWh, the annual electricity cost is 52,900 CNY, and the power saving rate reaches 64.5%.

Iron and Steel Metallurgy Industry | Hebei Zongheng Group Fengnan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

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Project introduction: Hot rolling mill turbid ring water treatment system 1# rolling line, 2# rolling line, 3# rolling line swirl wells were originally designed with an unsealed self-control self-priming pump. After field testing, the pump has low operating efficiency and high energy consumption, the analysis and research decided to switch to the model of Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd. single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump + vacuum water diversion unit. The power saving rate is more than 35-40%, and the operation stability is greatly improved. The investment payback period is about 1.3 years.

Chemical Industry | Shandong Kangbao Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd.

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Project introduction: Through energy-saving technological transformation, the average power-saving rate of Shandong Kangbao Biochemical Technology Co., Ltd. pumps can reach 22.1%; a total of 1,732,103 kWh of electricity was saved throughout the year, and the annual power-saving cost is about 1.212 million CNY (electricity fee is based on tax-included price 0.7 yuan/kWh calculation). According to data from the National Development and Reform Commission, the production of 10,000 kWh requires 3 tons of standard coal, and each ton of standard coal emits 2.72 tons of CO2. The energy saving and environmental protection benefits generated by the project can save about 519.6 tons of standard coal and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1413.3 tons each year.

Water Plant | Shaoyang County Water Plant

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Project introduction: Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd. and Shaoyang County Water Supply Company signed a contract on energy-saving technical transformation of Damushan Pumping Station. After the transformation, the pumps operated stably in unattended pump room. Before the technical transformation, the water consumption was 177.8kwh/kt , after the technical transformation is 127kwh/kt, the power saving rate reached 28.6%.

Power Industry | Dongying Binhai Thermal Power Plant

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Project introduction: By replacing two 1200 caliber double-suction pump rotors with customized wide and high-efficiency impellers and sealing rings, it has achieved better energy-saving efficiency, and the overall energy saving is 27.6%. After the technical team of Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd. Headquarters conducted research on the performance of the water pump, the pump efficiency was improved by 12.5%. After communication, the customer recognized our plan very much. Although many companies participated in the competition for this project, the customer finally chose our energy-saving plan to sign a contract.

Air Conditioning Unit | Carrefour Supermarket (Shanghai Wanli Store)

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Project introduction: Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd. carried out energy-saving transformation of the cooling pump. After investigation, the pump was operating at large flow and low head, and overcurrent was running on site. Through energy-saving technological transformation, the average power saving rate of the pump can be about 46.34%; calculated based on the 8000 hours of operation of the pump each year, a total of 374,040 kWh of electricity was saved throughout the year, and the annual power saving cost is about 224,424 yuan (electric charge is 0.6 yuan/kWh including tax), the investment return period is about 12 months.

Human beings need a self-revolution to accelerate the formation of green development methods and lifestyles, and build an ecological civilization and a beautiful earth. Achieving the goal of “carbon peak and carbon neutrality” is related to the overall economic and social development and long-term strategy, and requires the joint efforts of the whole society. As the leader of China’s pump industry, Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co. Ltd. should assume the responsibility of the times, leading by technology, so that every organization can realize the conservation and efficient use of resources, and contribute to the sustainable development of the entire industry and human society.

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Post time: Apr-12-2021

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