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Thoughts on the vision and practical problems of smart fire protection in the era of the Internet of Things-China Fire Water System and Internet of Things Technology Summit Forum

Thoughts on the vision and practical problems of smart fire protection in the era of the Internet of Things-China Fire Water System and Internet of Things Technology Summit Forum


Two days ago, a fire broke out in the ancient town of Zhongshan in Jiangjin District of Chongqing, a famous historical and cultural town in China. A large number of wood-frame houses were burned down as the fire spread through the streets of the ancient town. In early June, a fire broke out in a residential building in Chongqing. A 23-year-old girl accidentally fell from a building while trying to escape a raging fire inside her house.


Statistics show that 252,000 fires were reported in China in 2020, killing 1,183 people, injuring 775 and causing direct property losses of 4.09 billion yuan. Fire safety is the most important issue of people's livelihood in China. How to effectively reduce the loss caused by fire?

On June 4, the 2021 China Fire Water System and Internet of Things Technology Summit Forum, sponsored by China Fire Protection Association, co-organized by Shanghai Fire Protection Association and organized by Shanghai Kaiquan Pump (Group) Co., Ltd., was held in Shanghai. About 450 leading experts and elites of fire protection industry attended this forum.


General Chen Fei, vice president of China Fire Protection Association, Shen Linlong, president of Shanghai Fire Protection Association, Zhao Li, director of Building Water Supply and Drainage Branch of Architectural Society of China, vice chairman of Shanghai Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Lin Kaiwen, chairman of Shanghai Kaiquan Pump Group, delivered speeches respectively. General Wu Zhiqiang, former director of Fire Department of Beijing Public Security Bureau and member of fire rescue expert group of emergency management department, master Huang Xiaojia, chief engineer of Zhongyuan International Engineering Co., Ltd., director Ding Hongjun, researcher of Shenyang Fire Research Institute, Mr. Zhao Shiming, consultant chief engineer of China Academy of architectural design and research, director Wang Dapeng, intelligent fire research center of China Academy of Architectural Sciences Jiang Qin, deputy chief engineer of Beijing urban construction design and development group, Shu Xueming, associate researcher of Public Safety Research Institute of Tsinghua University, first prize winner of national science and technology progress award, Liu Guangsheng, deputy chief engineer of Southwest Architectural Design and Research Institute, and manager Qin Zhen, product technical director of Shanghai Kaiquan Internet of things, delivered keynote speeches, including General Wang Zigang, President of Tianjin Fire Protection Association, and General Wang Zigang More than 30 provincial leaders including general Wu Songrong, vice president of Chongqing Fire Protection Association, attended the forum.

Experts and elites gathered to exchange technology and share experience, jointly discuss the current situation and development of fire water system, as well as the application of Internet of Things technology in fire water system, promote the development of fire water system and progress of fire networking technology, promote the solution of difficult problems in fire water system, and reduce the safety hazards of fire water system.

General Wu Zhiqiang, former chief of the Beijing Fire Brigade and a member of the expert group of the Fire and Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Emergency Management, said at the forum: "In recent years, with the rapid development of China's social economy and the accelerating pace of new urbanization construction, the new generation of information technology represented by the Internet of Things, cloud computing and mobile Internet has developed rapidly. A variety of new technological developments are jointly promoting the progress and arrival of the intelligent era of everything. In particular, if the smart fire protection can be integrated into the smart city and building system, it is expected to achieve "no fire in the world" in the future.

"At present, a large number of buildings and residential fire water supply systems in our country are built based on traditional standards, and even a large number of residential fire water supply systems, or the system is poorly managed, can not be in a good state. In view of this situation, with the rapid development of China's economy and society, the traditional "civil air defense" based on the "nanny-type" fire control supervision model, has been far from meeting the needs of the actual fight against fire. It is particularly urgent and important to use intelligent technology to reform the traditional fire safety management mode and enhance the overall fire resistance ability of the society."


Ding Hongjun, a researcher at the Shenyang Fire Research Institute of the Ministry of Emergency Management, said in his post on 《CB1686 and Fire Hydrant System》, the fire hydrant system is the most basic fire fighting equipment used to extinguish fire in buildings. However, several years of fire disasters have proved that fire hydrant system in buildings has almost become a decoration. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the existing fire hydrant system has not been effectively combined with management. System can not be effectively managed, resulting in system efficiency can not be effectively guaranteed, it can not play its due role.


"With the coming of the era of Internet of Things, the development of Internet of Things technology provides an effective way to solve the problem of fire water system. Using the Internet of Things technology to build the fire water monitoring system is to strengthen the reliability of the fire water system, separate the fire safety law enforcement supervision and daily management." Director Wang Dapeng of the Intelligent Fire Fighting Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Building Research shared in the "Problems that should be paid attention to in the construction of the Internet of Things for Fire Fighting Water System":  A network system for intelligent identification, positioning, tracking, monitoring and management.  "

The development of the Internet of Things technology presents us with an exciting vision of "a world without fire". However, between the reality and the vision, there are still severe difficulties.

Qin Zhen, product line manager of Shanghai Kaiquan Pumps (Group) Co., Ltd. shares the worrying situation in China: In a survey on the acceptance of pump houses, it is found that among 557 fire pump houses investigated all over the country, only 67 have preliminary acceptance test conditions, accounting for only 12.03%. If the current situation of this industry can not be improved, "no fire in the world" can only be a dream forever and can not be realized.


In view of this situation, Kaiquan Pump Industry has been actively promoting the establishment of acceptance standards for fire water system, in order to promote the standardization of fire water system acceptance, update the new acceptance test method for fire water system, and eliminate the hidden dangers of fire protection caused by imperfect acceptance in the current industry.

Qin Zhen shared the results of Kaiquan's continuous deep research on fire water system and Internet of Things technology at the meeting. Kaiquan always keeps in mind the thinking of Internet of Things and develops and optimizes products based on the Internet of Things when designing and developing products. The Internet of Things fire water supply unit designed by Kaiquan is composed of fire pump (including fire main pump and fire backup pump), fire electrical control cabinet, and control instrument.


In the fire water supply unit of the Internet of Things, there are two kinds of pump types, XBD-L-KQ series of three-dimensional single-stage fire pump and XBD-(W) series of new horizontal single-stage fire pump for choice. The two kinds of fire pump series have passed CCCF voluntary certification. Pump performance meets the requirements of national standard GB6245-2006 "Fire Pump", GB50974-2014 "Technical Code for Fire Water Supply and Hydrant System".

The basic type of Kaiquan fire water supply unit is composed of two fire pumps (one for use and one for standby), which are used in indoor fire hydrant system, outdoor fire hydrant system, automatic sprinkler system or fire cannon fire extinguishing and other fire water supply systems. ZY series fire water supply equipment design has fully learned from the emerging technology and mature experience of municipal water supply in recent years, combined with the development of Internet of Things technology in recent years, to develop and produce a new type of multi-functional integrated, safe and reliable fire fighting facilities with good applicability.

Kaiquan's Internet of Things fire protection system has attracted the attention of many industry experts and elites. On the same day, many guest groups went to Kaiquan Shanghai Industrial Park for field investigation. The design and research experts of Kaiquan Water Pump gave detailed product explanation for the guests.


     Kevin Lin, Chairman of the Board, led the industry experts to visit Kaiquan Shanghai Industrial Park



ZY series Internet of things fire water supply unit



Kaiquan fire pump products



Fire pump calibration test bench


The engineer gave a product explanation to the guests


Kaiquan believes that the future development direction of fire protection products manufacturers is the same as what researcher Ding Hongjun said and predicted: "It will be an important node of the whole social fire safety network. It should not only provide products to the society, but also provide data and services, and it will be a real participant in social management." Kaiquan, as always, will continue to help promote the development and application of fire water systems and fire Internet of Things technology with a grand holistic view of itself.


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